Finance options to help you go Green

Solar is an incredibly secure investment for your money. The arrays come with extended warranties (sometimes for 30 years), solar is practically maintenance free and energy prices are only going up!

Now, ATB Financial is offering solar finance options which make that investment so much easier. ATB can help you go green with the following two options:

  • Unsecured Linked Line of Credit as low as Prime¬†+ 2.00% or
  • Unsecured Variable Time Plan Personal Loan¬†with amortizations of 5, 10, or 15 years as low as Prime + 2.00% (5 year variable rate terms only)

For some examples of how ATB and Solar YYC can help finance your solar dream click here.


The Easy Solar Financing Process:

  1. Contact Solar YYC for a site visit
  2. We assess your solar needs and draft a quote
  3. We help you fill out one form that we send to ATB
  4. You get financing approval
  5. We install your green energy producing, money making solar array!
  6. Your pocketbook is that much happier for making the decision